Kirstie brings precision, care and insight to her editing. She is professional, friendly and responsive. Her contributions to my work improved its clarity and coherence for the target audience while maintaining the integrity of its meaning. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”
– Maree Crabbe, author, In the Picture: Love and Sex in the Age of Pornography

“Its always wonderful as a writer when you work with an editor who improves your work. Unfortunately, it’s an all too rare experience so a huge thank you [to Kirstie]. This book will be all the better for [Kirstie’s] invaluable input.”
– Stephen Lamble, author, News as it Happens

“Kirstie assisted me in editing a number of publications for the National Heart Foundation, including some copywriting and checking proofs. She was punctual, cooperative and flexible and I have no hesitation in recommending her for similar jobs.”
– Hayley Hawkins, National Publications Specialist, National Heart Foundation

“Kirstie reviewed two novellas for me, Unfit for motherhood and The war artist and the half-dead beauty. I really appreciated her thoughtful readings of my manuscripts.  She encouraged me to consider more deeply my character’s motives and behaviours and she pointed out areas that needed further development. She also highlighted sections of the manuscript that were working and resonated with her, which is equally  important for an author to know at an early stage in a manuscript’s development.

Kirstie is an astute reader, who phrases her feedback very considerately. In Unfit for motherhood, she pinpointed that I’d accidentally stepped out of the main character’s perspective and jumped into her husband’s head in a few places. Working with Kirstie has not only improved these manuscripts, but has also helped me  learn important lessons on craft, style and technique for future manuscripts.”
– Rowena Wiseman, Author, outofprintwriting.blogspot.com.au / outaprintwriter @ Wattpad


APA Awards

In 2013, four projects that Kirstie worked on were commended in the APA Educational Excellence Awards, in the Primary and Tertiary categories: Heroes of Australian Science, Rugby League Reads, Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice and Key to EAP.

Whitley Awards

Primary series Heroes of Australian Science was awarded a Whitley Certificate of Commendation by the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales.

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